Copy of Speaker System No.1295

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  • Price is per pair 


  • 15” bass reflex cabinets 
  • 300Hz Exponential Horn for B&C DCX-464 coaxial compression driver 
  • 500Hz & 4kHz crossover point 
  • 100dB sensitivity(bass section) 
  • 112dB sensitivity (midrange and treble) (bi-amp mode) 
  • Passive crossover (2nd order) 

300Hz Sabourin Horn (Flat Pack Only)

  • Three segment flare geometry 
  • Exponential flare rate for audiophile applications 
  • 24mm thick horn walls 
  • 500mm wide x 500mm high x 300mm deep 
  • 48mm thick throat adapter from round to square 
  • 24mm thick support stand and base 
  • 2”(50mm) diameter rubber feet 
  • Sold as a flat pack kit for compact shipping 
  • Requires glue-up assembly 
  • Each piece fully CNC machined including compound angles for clean appearance at the rear of the horn 
  • Material Baltic Birch Plywood, Grade BB finish, veneer grade one face 
  • Veneer grain orientation along horn axis for nice appearance
  • Sanded 

15”  Bass Reflex Cabinet (Plans Only) 

  • Plans Only 
  • PDF drawings 
  • Assembly Drawings 
  • Component detail drawings 
  • 24mm thick plywood construction 
  • Tapered cabinet design 
  • Front facing ports 
  • Upper cabinet support drawing 
  • 500mm wide x 670mm high x 600mm deep


  • Built using Mundorf Capacitors 
  • Air Core Inductors 
  • Components mounted to plywood base for install inside bass cabinet. 
  • Point to point wiring 
  • Electrical schematic diagram 
  • L-pad for level adjustment 


  • 15” Bass Drivers (driver recommendations will be provided)
  • B&C DCX-464-16 compression drivers (Available from Parts-Express) 
  • Bass Cabinets (includes design only)
  • Staining of horns 
  • Shipping (calculated and added at checkout) 
  • physical supports for upper bass cabinet (includes design only)
  • Physical bass cabinets (includes design only)

Lead Time: 6 weeks