ES-600 Bi-Radial Wood Horn

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Custom Built-to-Order Wood Horn 

  • ES (Exponential Spiral) flare geometry 
  • Price is 'Per Pair' in Canadian Funds 
  • Wrap-around horn mouth 
  • Precision CNC cut 
  • Baltic Birch layered plywood 
  • Sanded and finish stained 
  • Crossover Design service available (Please contact)
  • Bass Cabinet and Mannequin not included 

Drawing click here


  • Frequency Response 600Hz - 20kHz 
  • 417mm Wide x 203mm High x 198mm Deep 
  • 1.4” Throat 
  • Suitable drivers
  1.  RCF ND-650 
  2. Radian 745DPB, 745PB, or 745Neo
  3. TAD TD-4003
  4. B£C DE780TN 
  • Can be used with other Compression Drivers (Please Contact
  • Option wood cover available for certain driver models. The cover replaces the rear cover on the compression driver to increase the rear chamber volume.  This effectively flattens the phase response near the horn’s low frequency cutoff.  The rear chamber is then packed with alpaca wool to reduce subtle resonances in the upper treble.