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Consulting Retainer for Don

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REV01 February 23, 2023 Added additional customer notes 

  • 100dB sensitivity (Target) 
  • 16 ohm optional 
  • Plate amp optional (Troy to confirm) 
  • Make speaker as small as reasonably possible 
  • Ripole or open baffle for bass 


  • Funds in CAD currency
  • Design consultation for home audiophile system 
  • Methodical approach to establish system design parameters (Room acoustics, associated amplifier(s), listening level SPL, listening distance)
  • Driver recommendations  
  • $55/hour @ 4 hrs = $220 retainer 
  • Produce fixed quote with lead time based on customer's budget 
  • System design based on 300Hz square horn utilizing ES curvature 
  • Driver recommendations 
  • Bass cabinet configuration and crossover topology 
  • PDF drawing showing overall physical size 
  • Photorealistic renders 
  • Material and labour cost breakdown 
  • Test data on drivers (if available) 

Does not include detail and assembly drawings (Can be quoted separately)





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