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Component Kit for Speaker No.1630

Super Tweeter
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  • All components required to build one pair of Speakers No.1630
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This kit includes the following components: 

Description  Part No.  Qty / 1 pair of speakers 
Fullrange Driver  Fostex FE108NS 2
Woofer   Scanspeak Discovery 15W/4434G-00 4
Racetrack PR  SB Acoustics SB15SFCR-00  2
5" PR  Peerless 830880 Peerless 5.25" Mini Passive Radiator 2
Binding Posts  HG-POSTR Binding Post Red 2
Binding Posts  HG-POSTB Binding Post Black 2
Super Tweeter (Optional)  Fostex T96A (optional)  2
Tweeter Resistor R4 (optional)   Mundorf 6.8 ohm Metal Oxide Film Resistor 2
Tweeter Inductor L2 (optional)  Madisound 0.10 mH 19 AWG Air Core Inductor 2
Tweeter Capacitor C1 (optional)  Fostex CS.33 Copper/Tin Foil Capacitor 2
Woofer Crossover Section     
Inductor L1 Solen 3.3 mH Perfect Lay Inductors 14 AWG 2
Fullrange Driver Crossover Section     
Resistor R1 MOX5.6 2
Resistor R2 MOX2.7 2
Resistor R3 MOX10 2