Commercial License For Mr. Morrison

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Commercial Contract No. 1084 

Effective Date of Contract: January 01, 2021

End Date of Contract: January 01, 2026

Licensor: Joseph Crowe Custom Audio Products

Licensee: Bill Morrison 

Contract Terms: Licensee to purchase individual licence for every pair of speakers sold by completing the transaction on this product page.  Licensee to provide serial numbers(s) for each pair of speakers for Licensor 

The Licensor retains the rights to commercially manufacture the IP with unlimited quantities per year.  The Licensor retains the right to licence the IP to two other companies maximum. The Licensor retains the right to end this contract after 5 years.  

Physical Description of Intellectual Property (IP):

This contract only includes the ES-600 Biradial in either 1” or 1.4” throat formats.  Overall physical measurements are 16.4” wide x 8” high x 7.8” deep. The horn features the Exponential Spiral (ES) horn flare geometry in both the vertical and horizontal axis.