Joseph Crowe

Bass Cabinet Design for Richard

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  • Bass cabinet design based on existing Onken style enclosure 
  • Uses 15LX60V2 (specified by customer) 
  • Assembly and detail drawings (.PDF format) 
  • 3D CAD files (.STL & .iges format) 
  • Nested layout on standard sheet of plywood 
  • Assumes 24mm thick plywood 
  • Lead time 3 weeks 

Cabinet Specification based on 15LX60V2 

  • Internal volume:  145L
  • Tuning Frequency: 39Hz
  • Sensitivity: 97.3dB 

Passive Crossover Schematic 

  • Design based on testing in lab
  • 8hrs design time
  • Critical listening evaluation and measurement 
  • Provide component brand and part numbers (bill of materials)
  • Requires woofer driver 
  • Attempt series crossover 




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