Autumn Bass Cabinet Flat Pack

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This flat pack includes all the CNC cut panels to construct one pair of Autumn Bass Cabinets.  All panels are high quality 18mm Baltic Birch Plywood. Each panel includes either dado features or dowel pins to fully align the pieces during glue-up.

The Autumn bass cabinet is an exclusive offering from Joseph Crowe that's part of the Autumn Speaker System.  For more info on a complete speaker solution click here



  • All Panels CNC cut to build 1 PAIR of bass cabinets 
  • PDF Drawings for Assembly 


Enclosure Size: 67cm x 42cm x 37.8cm (hxwxd) 

Frequency Response: 32Hz - 2kHz 

Woofer: Fostex FW208HS (not included)

Sensitivity: 88dB 


The review below was with the ES-800 Biradial Wood Horn in a 2-way Setup.

"The Onken bass cabinets had incredible body and depth, and these horns worked magic up top!
Particularly impressed with the natural sound of instruments - cymbals had body, tambourine had a thump with the jingles, and the snare drums had depth and ring... in short, some of the best presentation of percussion I’ve ever heard. Kudos for making such great stuff - and can’t wait to hear more!" E. Bogart 


The Autumn Bass Cabinet is intended for audiophile two channel music systems in small to medium sized listening rooms. For large rooms we suggest adding a subwoofer.


The cabinet is constructed from 18mm baltic birch plywood.  The front and rear baffle is two layers thick.  The cabinet is extremely stiff by virtue of the double wall slot ports.  The slot ports also aid in low port velocity which helps maintain bass dynamics at higher SPL.  The base of the cabinet is filled with 15 Kg of sand (not included) to further dampen any cabinet resonances.  The base is also three layers thick of 18mm BB Plywood.  This results in very articulate and defined bass.  

Fostex FW208HS Woofer



The Fostex woofer was chosen for it's unique properties such as large voice coil diameter, powerful motor structure, and carbon fiber impregnated pulp paper cone.