Joseph Crowe

200Hz Horn Design for Michael

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Quote REV 02 below 

  • Change horn design to Sabourin style of horn 

  • Throat adapter for transition from round to square 

  • Frame design change to accommodate Sabourin 

  • Accommodate BMS 99HE

  • Design: $220 
  • Cost to build throat adapters $600 

    Quote REV 01 below 

    • Funds in CAD currency 
    • 200Hz Fc Exponential Horn 
    • Four petal design 
    • 2” throat for BMS 99HE
    • 3D CAD file (.iges format)
    • 82cm x 82cm horn mouth 
    • 42cm horn depth 
    • Assembly drawings (.PDF)
    • Lead time 2 weeks 



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