Joseph Crowe

1828 Speaker Design

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  • Funds in CAD currency ($55CAD/Hr)
  • 16 hours design (November 26th)
  • MTM co-entrant using TAD woofers 
  • 200Hz co-entrant horn based on previous co-entrant development 
  • Viawave SRT7 + Scanspeak 10F8424G00
  • 3D CAD model (.x_t format parasolid) 
  • Onken style enclosure optimized for TAD TL-1601B
  • Passive xover for MF and HF

added August 8th for clarity

  • Co-entrant 200Hz design under license 5% royalty fee 

Note: PDF assembly and detail drawings extra.  (3D CAD model provided only unless otherwise requested)




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